Were do I find my Bagmaleon ID?

Each Bagmaleon is one of a kind, so we gave each a unique ID. Every time you buy one, you'll find its Bagmaleon ID on the label, a unique number that is associated with detailed information on each piece: the model, materials used and when it was manufactured.
Thus, whenever you wish to contact us, mention your ID and we will know exactly what bag you are talking about, enabling us to help you more easily.

Which are the shipping costs and delivery times?

All deliveries are made free of charge and they usually take between 4-7 days, depending on the country of destination. These deadlines do not apply if the product is not in stock, in which case you will receive more detailed information about the expected time of manufacture and shipping.

Can I return my order?

Items must be returned unused and in perfect condition within 15 days of reception. They should be sent as they were received, with the original label and the complete package.
We recommend that you return the item using a certified mail service and to keep a note of the tracking information.
On receiving the returned item, we will refund the amount that was paid for it.

Does my Bagmaleon have warranty?

We hope you will enjoy your Bagmaleon for many years to come. If you have any problems with it at any time, we would like you to let us know. If it is a problem caused by the materials or manufacturing and it occurs in the first year after your purchase, we will ensure your bag is repaired in the shortest possible time.

How should I take care of my Bagmaleon?

- How should I keep my handbag? When you are not using your Bagmaleon, keep it in your closet just as we delivered it to you in its original cloth bag and with the paper filling. Prevent any foreign object from resting on the bag because it can make marks on the skin. 
Do not expose your back to sources of heat and try to avoid direct sunlight as this may damage and/or discolour the leather. Avoid exposing the leather to water, greasy surfaces, perfumes or cosmetics. Avoid exposing the leather to water, greasy surfaces, perfumes or cosmetics. 
- What if it gets wet? If your Bagmaleon gets wet, leave it to dry but do not place it on or near to a source of heat, and do not use a cloth or towel to dry it.
- Should I apply any product to the leather? Do not apply any products to your Bagmaleon. Leather is a material that does not need treatment as this tends to soften it and in some cases, may make it darker.
- Is the interchangeable liner washable?  Bagmaleon's Soul can be hand washed in cold water with mild soap. Don't let it soak for too long and try to remove as much water as possible before hanging it to dry. Do not expose it to sources of heat and try to avoid direct sunlight when drying.